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Indulge your skin in the luxury of our gentle Facial Cleansing Gel, expertly crafted with non-comedogenic, sensitive-skin-safe ingredients: Coconut Glycerine and Grapeseed oil. Unleash its power to effortlessly remove makeup, grime, and built-up sebum, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Experience the silky-smooth touch of Coconut Glycerine, a far cry from heavy coconut oil. Derived from coconuts, this moisturizer ensures your skin feels irresistibly baby soft.

Grapeseed oil, light and easily absorbed, is enriched with vitamin C and fatty acids, offering restorative nourishment after a long day. When combined, these ingredients create a gentle, moisturizing cleanser that works wonders when massaged into the skin and wiped away with a warm damp cloth.

Though gentle, this cleanser is a powerhouse makeup remover, effortlessly tackling even the most stubborn waterproof makeup. Elevate your skincare routine with a cleanser that pampers your skin while effortlessly unveiling your natural radiance.

(This product is part of our closed loop recycling scheme)



Indulge in a gentle massage, allowing our cleanser to effortlessly whisk away impurities, dirt, and makeup. Rinse with cool water to reveal a refreshed and purified complexion.


Store in a cool, dry place ensuring that the cap is firmly tightened.

3 reviews for Cleansing Facial Gel

  1. Arrabella

    Had to switch makeup removers after something in the ingredients kept making me break out, this is one of the few ones that works for me!

  2. StephG87

    Really feels like it removes all the dirt and grime off my face at the end of a long day. Would highly recommend

  3. Laura Thurrock

    Love that this is unscented! Why is it so hard to find make up removers without artificial fragrance??

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