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Discover the culmination of over fifty trials that led us to our lip balm holy grail! Enriched with cold-pressed mango butter, this delicate formula is a tailor-made remedy for sensitive lips. Packed with vitamin A & E, it creates a protective creamy barrier, offering restorative and rejuvenating properties. Break free from the cycle of chapped lips with this skin-loving balm – a commitment you won’t regret!

Unlike mass-produced cosmetics laden with chemicals, our lip balms are a pure infusion of ethically sourced, naturally derived plant products, ensuring the freshest experience for your lips.

Our commitment extends beyond skincare to the environment. The eco-friendly cardboard pots biodegrade effortlessly, with a soybean wax barrier preserving the balm’s freshness. Vegan ink and a biodegradable sticker complete the earth-friendly packaging. Rest easy, knowing you’re not just pampering your lips but treading lightly on the earth. Treat your lips and the planet with the care they deserve!



Gently massage our lip balm onto your lips. Effortlessly restore and maintain their natural protective barrier.


Store in a cool, dry place out of direct contact with moisture or sunlight. Use by expiry date.

5 reviews for Lip Balm

  1. Bryony

    Love that these come in cardboard pots! I’m going plastic-free and these lip balms are a godsend 😁

  2. Hannah

    Great stocking fillers! Got them for all the girls at work

  3. Joanne via Etsy

    honestly – the perfect lip balm for me. it had to be vegan 🖤 it had to be unscented 🖤 & it had to be in biodegradable packaging 🖤 [which is also beautiful]. thanks so much robincosmetics. i definitely recommend this product, seller, and would & buy again.

  4. Kathryn via Etsy

    Lovely to give as part of a gift.

  5. Sarah via Etsy

    Item was exactly as described and arrived well-packaged and in good time. The lip balms made up a gift bag I gave my bridesmaids and proved very popular with them 🙂

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