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Experience the ancient healing touch of Bentonite clay, also known as Aztec Healing Clay, renowned for its proven benefits. Our Kelp & Clay Face Masks harness the detoxifying power of Bentonite clay to cleanse impurities, seamlessly replaced by the abundant natural vitamins in sea kelp.

Rich in antioxidants, sea kelp boasts high levels of vitamin A & E, enriching your skin after the purifying effects of natural bentonite clay. Unlike commercial cosmetics loaded with chemicals, our face masks are a fresh blend of naturally derived minerals and plant products, expertly prepared into a dry mix that makes over 20 individual masks when mixed with water.

Our commitment extends to eco-friendly packaging – a compostable paper pouch with a plant-based plastic zip-lock. The front stamp and ingredient label use vegan ink and biodegradable stickers, ensuring our impact on the earth is as gentle as our products on your skin. Immerse yourself in a skincare journey that’s not just about you but also about treading lightly on the earth.



Simply blend 1 teaspoon with water for a luxurious, thick paste. Smooth it onto your face and let it dry to a delightful crispiness – the secret to a deep exfoliation. Gently remove with a damp cloth for a refreshing glow. Check out our guides section for video tutorials on perfecting the mask mix.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct contact with moisture. Use by expiry date.

4 reviews for Kelp & Clay Face Mask

  1. DTR

    Mum likes it!

  2. CatherinePT

    Really helped to make my skintone more even, had to try mxing a few times to get the consisency right, but you get loads so not an issue!!!

  3. Emily

    My skin is mega oily and this was great on my T Zone

  4. Jess

    So I do really like this, but I didn’t realise it’s a powder and you have to make it up at home 😂 was so confused

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