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Immerse yourself in timeless beauty with our award-winning Moisturising Body Bar, a lasting indulgence that outshines traditional water-based moisturizers. Crafted from the silky Shea butter of Burkina Faso, known as ‘women’s gold,’ and velvety cocoa butter from Ghana, this luxuriously restorative bar offers a long-lasting embrace that will leave you with baby soft skin.

Feel the soothing protection against the stresses of modern life, while supporting the economic empowerment of Burkinabé women through ethically sourced, traditionally harvested Shea butter.

No artificial additives here either – just the pure goodness of naturally derived plant products, expertly crafted into a luxuriously restorative bar.

Our commitment extends to eco-friendly packaging – a biodegradable cardboard box, stamped with vegan ink, and an ingredient label made from a biodegradable sticker. Rest easy, knowing our dedication to you is mirrored in our gentle approach to the earth. Unveil the radiance within while treading lightly on our planet.



Elevate your post-shower routine with indulgence – gently massage directly onto your skin for a luxurious, deeply moisturized sensation.


Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Use by expiry date.

8 reviews for Moisturising Body Bar

  1. Beth via Etsy

    Love this moisturiser bar! Thank you

  2. Amber Royland

    This is the only thing that works on my dry hands, I’ve tried everything and this is by far the best – I recommend it to everyone

  3. M BRYCE


  4. Karissa

    I bought one of these at Letchworth Green Festival and loved it so much I came back to buy another (and I never buy the same thing twice!)

  5. Nicole Clayton

    It’s great that this is unscented, and I love it as a body bar but be careful about putting it on too thick as it’s really rich!

  6. Kate

    I over wash my hands to the point where they get read and sore sometimes, was recommended this moisturizer by a friend who said it worked really well on her eczema. It’s quite thick so I don’t use it during the day, but I rub a layer over the backs of my hands at night and it works so well. It’s really made my hands less sore and uncomfortable

  7. J

    Thank you, great gift

  8. Jen

    Used for 2 weeks so far, skin feels amazing! So soft!

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