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Transform your bath into a meditation haven with our Epsom salt-infused Cocoa Butter Bath Fizzes. Immerse yourself in tranquillity as it turns your warm bath into a muscle-relaxing soak, easing tension and calming your mind. Enriched with cocoa butter, this fizz not only rejuvenates but also leaves your skin irresistibly soft and moisturized.

Beyond relaxation, our Cocoa Butter Bath Fizzes are crafted with nature in mind. Free from artificial additives, they come packaged in recyclable egg boxes, adorned with a kraft card sleeve, sealed with compostable tape, and stamped with vegan ink. Unwind guilt-free, knowing our commitment extends to treading lightly on the earth. Elevate your meditation experience with a bath that soothes both your body and soul.



Transform your bath into a luxurious retreat – fill it with hot water, drop in one of our indulgent bath fizzes, and surrender to relaxation! Immerse yourself in a sensory experience that elevates your self-care routine, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Store in a cool, dry place out of direct contact with moisture or sunlight.

10 reviews for Cocoa Butter Bath Fizzes

  1. JulieT

    The packaging feels very authenticly eco, I’m sure it will compost as it looks and feels just like standard cardboard and have added it to the compost heap. Great to start finding products that don’t add plastic to landfills

  2. Ella

    Really nice little set that my daughter loves

  3. Katherine

    Lovely, just wish I had time to use them!

  4. Jf

    Thought these would be scented 🙁 but great anyway

  5. Hannah

    Wish you could get bigger packs

  6. Kiran

    Great fizzers that don’t stink and leave your bath covered in multicoloured glitter like lush bombs

  7. Helenn


  8. Karen

    Don’t get the packaging wet!! Great that it’s biodegradable but the box will start to biodegrade immediately if you drop it in the bath

  9. anonymous

    Lovely treat

  10. TBellom

    These are so cute

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